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New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association

New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association

(Incorporating the International Arapawa Goat Association)



Sarah Bowley
Sarah and Dr Matsas

Sarah Bowley ~ SVF Foundation

As Program Manager of SVF Foundation I have been fortunate enough to interact with a wide variety of critically endangered breeds of livestock. SVF is a privately run non-profit organization located on a historic farm in Newport, Rhode Island (USA). In collaboration with Tufts Veterinary University, SVF has taken on the mission of collecting and cryo preserving germplasm (semen, embryos, cells and blood) of rare breeds of livestock. Although most of the cattle, sheep and goat breeds that we work with have substantial populations already existing in North America there are a few exceptions – the Arapawa goat being one.

Arapawa goats at SVF
Arapawa goats at the SVF Foundation

I first began learning about Arapawa goats in 2008. SVF had already worked with several rare goat populations and was ready for a new group. Arapawa are listed by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy as a critically endangered, feral breed and therefore a priority for us here at SVF to conserve. A little research brought me to visit two nearby herds maintained by John Truelson at Plimoth Plantation and Al Caldwell of Long Path Farm, both in nearby Massachusetts.

Arapawa goats
Arapawa goats at the SVF Foundation, USA

My husband Nick (Lead Herdsperson at SVF – a true romance story on the farm!) was instantly fascinated with this particular breed. The Arapawas seemed to be extremely hardy, phenotypically diverse and in need of some new breed stewards to move this country’s conservation efforts forward. So we stepped up to the plate and agreed to not only collect this breed at SVF but to also maintain a breeding population of our own. Al and Joan Caldwell of Long Path farm have generously bequeathed their long-standing herd to Nick and me – a huge responsibility. We are honored to take up their journey and will do our best to ensure Arapawa goats continue to thrive here in the United States.


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