New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association

New Zealand Arapawa Goat Association

(Incorporating the International Arapawa Goat Association)



Christine Ball
Christine at a livestock exhibition in Bucharest (Romania) promoting British dairy goats

Christine Ball ~ Peaclond Golden Guernseys

I started goatkeeping in 1978. Although I concentrated on breeding Golden Guernseys from 1982 to 2009 I also developed a great interest in the Arapawa goats over the last decade. Entirely due to making friends with Betty Rowe who became a member of my online group “GoatsUK.” Betty was one of those special people who could inspire most of the people she came into contact with. Her book “Arapawa – Once Upon An Island” could not fail to inspire and move any reader.

Christine Ball
Demonstration of artificial insemination

She posted to G-UK nearly every day in her latter years and we lived through many experiences, some tragic, alongside her in spirit if far away in miles. We did some fundraising when her goats suffered some weird fungal infection and we wrote many letters and sent emails to support her campaign against the annual culling of the so-called “pests” on the Island by the heartless Department of Conservation.

We also supported a world-wide petition that was presented to the New Zealand Parliament by MP Gordon Copeland, a friend and great supporter of Betty’s work.

We were devastated when in 2008 Betty suffered a huge stroke from which she was unable to recover. And we still miss her to this day.

Christine Ball
Some of Christine's Golden Guernseys

The six Arapawas (two male and four female) exported by Betty to the UK in 2004 have expanded to form a number of small herds in the hands of enthusiasts and some Farm Parks and Wildlife Centres. My friend and colleague Anne May keeps track of them and does an annual census including her own small herd. Fortunately a few years ago Anne and her husband John were able to visit Betty during a holiday to New Zealand and see the Island goats for themselves before getting their own. And to have the privilege of meeting Betty in person.

I have copies of Betty’s book for sale in the UK or can post them overseas. All proceeds go to Betty’s family for the “Arapawa Wildlife Sanctuary.”

Christine Ball (Mrs), Goat Genetics;   BGS Overseas Officer.


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